Privacy Policy

New privacy laws were established by the IRS effective January 1, 2009 and we are now prohibited from providing confidential information or copies to anyone other than you without your specific, written authorization. To comply with these new regulations we will provide copies of all returns to you in a secure web portal as discussed below. In the interest of maintaining service quality and timeliness, we may use a 3rd party service provider to assist us in the use of technology to facilitate compliance with disclosure and storage of your tax information. We and the 3rd party provider have established written procedures and controls designed to protect client confidentiality and maintain data security.

If we are asked to disclose any privileged communication, unless we are required to disclose the communication by law, we will not provide such disclosure until you have had an opportunity to argue that the communication is privileged. In addition, your confidentially privilege can be inadvertently waived if you discuss the contents of any privileged communication with a third party, such as a lending institution, a friend, or a business associate. We recommend that you contact us before releasing information to a third party.

In the interest of facilitating our services to you, we utilize a secure web portal. Your use of this portal must comply with our standards of use, and as owners of the portal we retain the right to limit and deny use of the portal for inappropriate purposes. We may communicate by facsimile transmissions or send electronic mail over the internet. Such communications may include information that is confidential to you. All confidential information sent to you or third parties (at your direction), as well as the portal will be password protected. While we will use our best efforts to keep such communications secure in accordance with our obligations under applicable laws and professional standards, you recognize and accept that we have no control over unauthorized interception of these communications once they have been sent and consent to our use of these devices.